His Kingdom is near and far

Something that is not often discussed is the fact that people in God’s Kingdom are held to a different standard, order of operations, and transparency; while those who are yet to surrender to Jesus as King, are not held to the same. This is immensely important to understand the natural culture and societies we find […]


Proverbs 20:28

Unfailing love and faithfulness protect the king;┬áhis throne is made secure through love. prv 20:28 nlt Proverbs is full of interesting bits to chew on. This one verse sums up the entire viewpoint and operation of God. In a way I read this as a two-way idea, it’s not just us loving the King, but […]


Our bodies and the law

Scripture: Numbers 3 & 4┬á|┬áMy highlights and notes (must be logged into Numbers 3:2-4, Numbers 3:11-13, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 Observation: The Lord required Israel, Aaron and his sons, and the Levites to pay great attention to detail when caring for the tabernacle. This great attention to detail can also be carried forward into today’s […]

Day one in review.

Well our first day in Krak├│w has come and gone. We’re full of hope and love for the people of this city and although our days for the next few months will be mostly about making our home “ours” and doing administrative types of tasks, we will continue to be intentional about putting people first. […]

Oh so sad.

This little place use to get so much attention, and now it’s just an archive to thoughts of yesteryear. With the death of Google Reader ahead, and people apparently only able to read 140 characters at a time, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing here. I plan on keeping it, and one day I […]

Tweets for the past week

Self discipline is the key to this life. Patience, peace, love, & dreams are all made of it, & it gives strength to survive through tragedy. # It seems objectivity is a fine art not practiced by the general population at large… at least not in public, where it's needed. # Good morning! #NoFilter #Gresham […]