Thank God for guy friends! It’s been a while since I?ve had a group of just guy friends… actually its been since about 6th grade… So, yeah… I enjoyed tonight A LOT, even though their was some awkwardness, but that’s all good. I just have to thank a good buddy for introducing me to these great guys. I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I like Halo! I really, really suck! But I like it, so I?ll get better. I can?t wait until we hook up four boxes at my place and play 16 man Halo! So? anyway, thanks for the great guys to hang out with, God, your awesome.

I think it?s really important for guys to have guy friends, and ladies to have lady friends… I use to think it wasn’t necessary but I like it, and I?m not sure why it?s good, but it just feels right.

Another note….

If there is anyone out there reading these things, please post your comments… go back and look at some of the older ones… please… I like to know things. Let me know what you think , you don’t have to agree, maybe you’ll make me think about something I haven’t before. I love finding out new things, learning different ways of doing things, and most of all I love hearing from people. Even if you don’t have something nice to say, say it, that’s what I love the most, I really do try to be an open person.