** Please read the post below this first **

So I decided to take the “Why are you still single?” test on emode.com and this is what it said…

Travis, you’re single because you don’t want to settle…

You, more than others, have a fairy tale fantasy of how things should be. Ever since you were a kid, you’ve probably dreamed of the perfect wedding, coming home to a white picket fence, dog, and 2.2 kids (how does that work, anyway?). When someone asks what you’re looking for, you don’t skip a beat: You’re likely to have a handy checklist that details your perfect partner. Hair and eye color, height, religion, education, career, interests, the list goes on.

While it’s great to have standards ? Hey, you shouldn’t have to settle, after all ? there’s one slight glitch in your master plan: No one has made the grade in real life ? at least not yet. Next time you’re out with someone, keep yourself from mentally checking that list, and give love ? and others ? a chance. That special someone who you’ve written off may be perfect for you after all…

So for the most part this is true. There are a few things I will not deny though, who ever I date/marry/even to be slightly intrested, must Love Jesus! I truly believe that someone is out there to meet the grade, God will bring her. But it’s not as strict as it seems, basically here they are:

1. Must love Jesus with all her heart, mind and soul.

2. Must love others as Jesus does with her heart, mind and soul.

3. Must love worshiping God in song and action.

4. Must like music of all kinds.

5. Has to be called to a “compatible” life, IE. I’m being called to evangelism in Seattle, she must be called to something which doesn’t conflict.

6. I of course have to be attracted to her (the “types” very a lot, so don’t worry, it’s not an abercrombie girl) and be around my height or shorter.

7. God approves.