This is Travis

I usually get a mocha or frapacinio mostly when I’m with people or on my way to something entertaining.
I am chronically late to work.
I have a new found love of writing.
I am a chameleon but don’t care.
If I’ve tried it a few times before and didn’t like it, then I won’t do it again.
Sometimes I do things I don’t like because I would rather be doing something with people.
I love Jesus.
I love people.
I wish I was an affectionate person, but I have a mental block with it.
I like the outdoors, but only in perfect conditions.
I love driving, even bad traffic.
I like decorating and making things look neat.
I don’t care if people use my car, as long as I give them permission.
I want a Godly wife.
I want kids, preferably one boy and one girl, but whatever God gives me is good.
I love music, all kinds.
I want to be more blunt, not so much tolerance, no more wishy washy.
I want to shine w/ God’s love to others.
Tolerance is not love.
I will eventually get into Political Science, I’ve always like it I think I”l do that when I get back from Poland.
I’m independent, wasn’t always this way, but now I can be by my self and be ok.
I hate being bored, I have to find something to do.
I like roast beef sandwiches.
I love to praise and worship God.
I nearly have the exact same lunch everyday and I HATE IT!
That lunch- Turkey sub sandwich w/ Mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion with American and Swiss cheese, and either fries (if all they have is nasty Caesar salad) or green salad and potato salad.
I try to not worry about tomorrow; I’m usually successful in this area.
I wasn’t cut out for school part time, and work full time.
I like cats, and I like only smart dogs.
I like fish, but find it really annoying getting a fish tank working right.
I like all kinds of music, a lot of stuff others don’t like, but I don’t care, just wish I had the money to buy more, and get better systems to play it on!
I love the city and I love the mountains.
I am never fully happy with my self, but I love my self.
I sin everyday.
I sometimes say things just to be part of the conversation or to have some attention, I always feel retarded afterwards.
I’m a spontaneous buyer.
I love shopping.
I love getting new clothes.
I’m already dead, so I’m going to live for God instead.
Above all of this I love God.

If there is any random person out there who I do not physically know, please tell me what kind of person you think I am… I’m quite curious as to how people may perseve me just by reading my blog.