You?ll just have to wait.

When I look into your eyes they will sparkle.

When I see your smile I will smile.

When we talk we will finish each others thoughts.

When we are alone God will be there.

We will annoy each other.

We will play with each other.

I seek for you my love.

I want the time to worship our God with you.

I see our children laughing and playing.

We love people because we love Jesus and he loves us.

But for now I wait.

For now I grow with God.

God is my soul mate.

My soul was created for a relationship with him.

Your soul was created to be filled by him.

I seek him and him alone.

You will be my gift from him.

And together we will grow for him.

For now you?ll just have to wait.

Because I am not ready.

No I?m not ready.

Not ready.