So here we are, in a black, cold, wet room. The world seems to be entering a vortex, spinning out of control. What can we do? Life just gets faster and faster, busier and busier, and every day we see less and less of each other. Our families go days, weeks, months with out seeing us. We talk to people, but do we really talk to them? Do we relate to people, do we really care? A man nearly 2003 years ago taught us how to deal with the world, keep it simple was the basis of his speeches. What can we do? The rain falls, the sky is gray, and the sun never rises. We make a trip to the top of the mountain, the sun rises, the air is warm the sky is blue and everyone lights up. But when we return the sun never comes out, and the rain never dries up. Our heads spin, our worlds collide, our lives are full, their busy, they keep us from enjoying our own little mountain top experience. The small still voice continues to thrive, although we do not listen. The doors open and they shut and we keep walking on by, or breaking down the shut doors. What can we do? Be still, be quiet, and be simple. Stop thinking, stop worrying, it’s going to be okay. These hands are small, his hands are big.

Questions for him.

What are the stars for?

Why did you make the planets?

What’s with the other galaxies?

You painted the sky so beautifully, you created the Earth so wonderfully, I can not but only imagine what the heavens are like, and what your glory feels, looks and hears like. Thank you for being you. We all need something bigger than our selves, to save our selves from our selves.