Hello boys and girls!

How are we doing tonight?

It’s been a week since i’ve written here… You know why? Life has been a huricane. But it’s been good, real good.

For all of my Christian rock friends, there is an opurtunity strewing in my good ol’ home town of Duvall. The Christian churches and the Christian book store are going to try and get a local Christian artist concert going, and hopefully it will be a regular thing. I’ll keep ya posted for details. Also, the book store is willing to sell local Christian music (after they approve them, but they are cool people, so don’t worry) for a commission, no cost to you, except getting them there and producing them. So yeah… more details to come later.

I took a “Spiritual Gifts and Personality” profile last Sunday, it was really intresting, I learned quite a few things about myself, the best part is that it told me the different areas I tend to either slack in, or people like me normally need improvment, and it was so close. So, that’s been my goal.. i’ll list them, and blogg more when I get home. I just had a few min here, so thought i’de leave ya with some stuff to read. \o/