Let’s just pray for our nation and troops.

These last few weeks having been interesting, lots people are upset at President Bush. How many chances does one need to give to another? I know Jesus said to forgive 70×70 which is basically to never stop forgiving, and to turn the other cheek when someone hits you. But I still believe (and I must admit at the moment I have no scripture to back this up) that if someone refuses to change (or repent) then consequences will happen, and that God is for justice. But because we are humans with sin, we all have to suffer consequences of war, life is not fair, innocent people will die, but sometimes you have to fight for peace and justice. I know oil is a part of the current crisis but our president is a follower of Christ, and even if he is the weakest follower of Christ, I am sure he understands, and has prayed and asked for guidance over these matters, including the human ones. No one ever wants war, but it takes ALL sides to make peace. Our world will never have true peace, not until Christ returns, so in the mean time we will need to do our best to be Christ-like (not that war is, but it takes all to do it, and not everyone is following), and practice justice as much as possible. I do believe we can interpret the bible fairly, and with accuracy because God has given us his Holy Spirit, and in scripture it says WITH the Holy Spirit we can discern the truth from the lies. Even though I probably would have gone about things differently (and I will say I am not qualified to even make those decisions, but if I were) if it had gotten to this point, I would be doing the same thing as President Bush, that?s a big IF, but that?s what I would do.

Dear God,

I pray for all of your power, all of your mercy, and all of your grace to fall upon the people of Iraq, the people of the United States, and the people of this world you have created. I pray for every person following you who is in this battle to seek your guidance, for everyone who is not following you to seek you, and your truth. Let your light shine upon Iraq and everyone in it. Let your love over come our soldiers and the people of Iraq, may this battle be about humans, their souls and waking their spirits. Let your GLORY fall over everyone, and may they all come to know you better.

So be it.