Yes this is my final answer.

Concerning the war and our government; I don?t have any information to support my views, and neither do you unless you are holding the documents and surveillance video in your hands. Unless you have all the information the only view you or I can have are opinions, which you can voice as much as you want. Although based on the information I have read and seen, I believe this war to come, is ?justified? as presented. Meaning, remove the current government and put one in place which is friendly to its people, and gives them more power. Now, what ever the ?real? motives are, we don?t know, but at least the presented motives are valid enough to support the war based on the refusal and threats received by the Iraqi government. Of course, I do not have all the information, so my vision is skewed only by what I know, as are yours. I believe in our government to make decisions based on the facts it receives. It?s true that Iraq did not attack us first; it?s true that the people of Iraq have not done anything to us; it?s true we have not been directly attacked; but I trust in God to straighten this whole mess out. We should continue to pray that God?s will, be done, and that whoever is in our leadership is convicted to do the right thing, especially when our leader is a Christian. I know I would be convicted to seek God?s will, and be praying every moment, and over every decision. So all I can do is trust that he is informed as much as possible and has been convicted by God. We will never understand why this is happening until the day we enter into God?s glory. All we can do is trust God that everything is working the way it should be, and by trust I mean know, to expect with out doubt that God is fulfilling his plan. God is Good all the time. Our first worry should be to love him and love others, and to love him and lover others means to protect our freedoms which allow us to outwardly love God and protect others so we can love them outwardly.