I am so tired today; I actually turned down going to a show tonight. I am excited to just stay at home, or go to a friend’s house and just screw around! I think I might build a city, or raise a family or do something along those lines. Oh, yeah, sleep too. Maybe I should write my letter of leave request for work, maybe I should work on my final persuasive speech, and maybe I should do a lot of things. Fridays are the end of the week, therefore the end of my energy. Sorry boys and girls, this soldier is retiring for the day, or maybe two. Have a blessed weekend, and remember, your call is to honor God in all you do, that is his will for you.


One of the guys on our student senate at school, who dresses as a girl everyday, and is very open to his sexual orientation, accepted Christ! Now I just pray for God’s Holy Spirit to prompt him into wanting to live a life which honors God. I pray that the other Christians on campus show God’s love to him (and of course to everyone), I pray that me and others who have been praying for him, will have the courage to step and begin the discipleship process, and truly show him what it means to be Christian. There is a lot of work to be done. Oh God remove the enemy from Cascadia, your power alone is all we serve. Thank you Lord.