Today I realized, that I can’t swear anymore. I just can’t, I hate it. I’m not sure when this happened, I know a few years ago I made the decision to stop swearing, but I never thought it would get like this. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but even when it slips in my head, I hate it. Today I was working on a server at work and things just were not going well, and I was getting really frustrated, it was getting the point where I was raising my voice at it (do remember, that no one is in the room, so if someone was watching, I’m sure it was pretty funny), and instead of saying other choice words I was just like “grrr, rar, fudge, stupid thing, and Lord fix it I quit”. Well after I calmed down, and started looking up the error messages it was quickly resolved. I just though it was weird that I didn’t even mutter a curse word, this is just so different from who I was just two years ago.

Today I also realized that I just really don’t like working by myself, I’ve said this before, and I know I’ve mentioned it people, but I do not like being the only tech person for about 750 computers, 3000 students and 300 staff/teachers. This is not what I call fun, and I really hope that who ever they higher for my replacement is Christian, and has a lot of patience, these people need someone with patience. This reminds me, I need to call Justin and have him take a look at the application. So, now I’m off to pick up Alexis and go to dinner at her mom’s house.