Lots of stuff

I have a lot to talk about, but not much time to talk about it. I know it?s been over a week since I last posted, which I think is a record. I?ve just found myself being caught up in life, one which is taking off in new directions. I had a work week from Satan himself, everything that could go wrong did, and to make it worse, all at the end of my regular day, so I had to work extra long each day this week, but my supervisor was nice enough to let me off early today. I haven?t had the time or the energy to do my quiet times, ride my bike, or anything else I actually get good joy out of. I saw matt once in the last two weeks, for about an hour. But I did make sure to get my fellowship time in, and my time with Alexis. Some may think its more important for me to get my bible reading time in, then anything else, but for me, it?s time with other Christians where I can discuss things, and figure it all out (which of course will never happen).

Even though I?m struggling, by losing it at work (lets just say I was growling at some servers), falling to temptation (again), not loving as much as I could, and just simply being human, I?m still seeking God, and feeling his presence. I don?t know how I would go on with out the strength Jesus gives me.

By the way, I got my new laptop, it is so awesome, and it?s going to be great having it in Poland. I also have a ?big plan? I need to start planning for, so I better get going.

Some say faith is for the weak, I say faith is for the smart?