Learning to breathe?

That is how I feel right now, I?m learning to breathe, into a relationship that is. Yesterday Alexis and I were in the car heading to my place, where we eventually had dinner with Josh and Erin (which was totally rad, but I don?t have the time to give details). Well we were sharing about our days and such, and I was telling her about the guy which is taking my place at work. He?s a good guy, has good skills, and I think will be a good replacement. Anyway, I was telling her how I had hoped (and prayed) my replacement would be Christian, but that didn?t (or maybe hasn?t) happened. At one point I was quoting something he said about his wife?s commute from Seattle (they live in Carnation, about 30 miles east of Seattle) and he said his wife liked to complain but he used slightly more colorful language that that, referring to her as speaking like a female dog. Well, I chose to quote word for word what he said, thinking to just quote isn?t really anything. Well this was the first time Alexis has her me curse, even though it was ?just? quoting, it didn?t sit to well with her. At first I really didn?t see anything wrong, I wasn?t convicted of anything, and I really didn?t understand. But she said ?Why use it at all, you can get the same point across w/o using that word?, she had a point. So, after a while of going and back and fourth in my mind, I came to this conclusion: If it isn?t uplifting and encouraging to those around me, it shouldn?t be said. Much like what Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 8 and choosing to eat food offered to idols. I must realize that what I think is okay, is sometimes not okay to others, and I shouldn?t argue those things, unless it is against scripture. So, I continue to learn, more and more.