A Life with purpose, is a life with a focus 10/4/03

So, I finished day three of ?The Purpose Driven Life? today. I finished it at about 4:30pm, and now its 9:20pm. You know what I?ve been doing since? Finding my focus, the focus of my life?

I called my parents and talked to my mom for the first time since I arrived, it was good, but we got cut off because my phone card ran out. I then checked my email, which included a couple of emails to Alexis, my parents, and Joel who is taking over CRU at Cascadia this year.

Then I sat down in our living room, with my bible and journal, and started to read, first the last few chapters of Mathew, and then I read the entire gospel of Mark, which I?ve never read all the way through before. God gave me my focus, it may seem obvious to some, or even clich?, but I need to focus on being with sinners, the sick people. This all roots from this passage I read:

The Pharisees ask Jesus? disciples ? Why does he eat with such scum? Jesus hears them and replies: ?Healthy people don?t need a doctor ? sick people do. I have come to call sinners, not those who think they are already good enough.? [Mark 2:17]

I see three points here: first, I need to go to the sick people and dine with them, simply make relationships with people who do not know Christ. Second, spending time only with healthy people won?t do anything to further God?s kingdom, they already know Christ. Thirdly, if a person or people do not think they need God, or ?religion? I can?t do anything, and I shouldn?t get frustrated over it. Jesus called sinners, the people who knew they needed help and were not ?good enough?, that is my focus.