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Prayer requests:

Pray for our ministry here to always keep in mind the effect and love we must make on others, sometimes we can get caught up in the culture issues, and forget why we are here.

Also, pray for a guy named “Piotrek” or “Peter” he isn’t a Jesus freak, yet, but he’s asking all kinds of questions, and coming to our meetings, he said to us “I’m looking for God”, and he’s talked to the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc., and he really feels welcomed and encouraged in our group, and he loves that we allow him to ask questions, and really see who God’s character is. He’s a intellectual, he has had a hard family life, and is having a hard time with understanding that Money and Success is not what Christianity is all about, he sees America as “Christian” and therefore our “riches” are because we are “Christian” and God is blessing is… which in some cases is true, but he also knows that the USA is dishonest in a lot of its actions, and that people are very greedy sometimes, and why don’t Americans take care of the rest of the world… we are Christian, so this is what we should do… He doesn’t quite understand that Americans are not all Christian… and the majority are not.

We truly want to see God’s kingdom expanded, and his blessing on the people of Poland. We want these people to be free of the hurts of their pasts, and the bitterness which comes from being a “second world nation”, they are proud people, but only by their own will, which is makes them stubborn. This is very general though, and many of them are also, open, and really looking outside of their culture. So thanks, and i’ll have more to come later this week.

God Bless!