Sorry not to mention to everyone that I was going to be in Switzerland the past couple of days. It?s been really busy around here. Anyway, GOD is so good. Switzerland was an amazing time, lots of fellowship, good things to hear, great worship (even though it was in German), and simply a great time of being spiritually fed. The reason we went to Switzerland was to join in on the Foursquare Switzerland National Conference, which was in Bern, the capitol city of Switzerland. I?ll post pictures as soon as I recover from the ?driving lag?, it took us about 15 hours to drive.. First from Zakopane to Bern and back?. We drove straight through, first we went south from Zakopane Poland, to Bratislava Slovakia, then we headed west in Vienna Austria, then we cut through the southeast corner of Germany in Innsbruck, went through the southern portion of Austria and the Austrian Alps, which at one point we drove through a 14 KM tunnel, then we crossed into Switzerland and down southwest to Bern. Switzerland is a beautiful country, I felt very at home, especially since I was able to go to Starbucks, TWICE, while I was there, and I have a free drink waiting for me the next time (they forget about my drink, and so they gave me a free drink, but only in Switzerland, oh darn?). Well, like I said I?m recovering, so I?ll write more, and post pictures when I?m up to it.