A glimpse of what God feels

Just reading the news today I think I have a glimpse of the agony God goes through every moment of every day. The horrible fires in California, starving people in Africa, horrible abuse here in Poland, the sexual abuse in Asia, the hopeless people all around the world. So many people, so much devastation, my heart is aching for all of those souls. I am at a lost of words, how can I help? Our world is definitely enemy-occupied territory. What can we do? Where can we go?

I am ashamed that we have mega-churches in the states, I believe that when a church gets too large we lose the real fellowship, plus it can also mean people are going just to “look good”, get a ?happy? feeling; a church should be a place to get real authentic fellowship, training, and a place to prepare us to go out to the rest of the world. A church should not be a place to feel happy or to make us look good; those things should only be the result of us doing work for God; besides if you do work for God you will be truly filled, and not need the baby?s milk. Church is not the place to make our own little Christian cliques, or be separated from the world. We should not be as the world, but we should be salt to the world, that means we should be in the world, affecting it. Don?t get me wrong, I don?t think everyone is called to do a mission in a foreign nation, but I do believe we all should actively make a conscience effort to intercede on the injustices of our world, in a Godly manner. That means we need to actually be in deep relationships with people, we actually need to open up to people tell them our deepest fears, open up and be passionate!