From the mouth speaks the heart

Doesn’t that sum up the condition of some people’s hearts? I think it goes much further than cursing; it includes lustful words, comments about others, and desires of the person. Scott inspired me, because he is “speaking” about the issue of lust in his life, this is not only an encouragement but also an inspiration. I do not see many Christian guys, especially young men who are open about lust, looking for a mate, and other life issues and questions. In the past I felt like I was the only one and at one point I thought I was crazy for even speaking of such things, because some of my friends just did not want to talk about it. I truly believe the more we talk about things in our lives, the more we ask questions, the closer and closer we can get to God.

The Christian guys I see who are saying things like “isn’t she hot” and “I could go for a piece of her” really sadden me, because even though they say they are “just joking” it tells me something about the condition of their heart. I know most of them won’t act on it in that manner (although some will), and I know they are generally good people, but we are all sinners, and our body’s want things which are not good for our sprit’s.

A good person produces good deeds from a good heart, and an evil person produces evil deeds from an evil heart. Whatever is in your heart determines what you say. [Luke 6:45]

As a Christian I will be open to criticism, I will encourage people, and I will admit my faults. I believe these things help us grow and climb life with Jesus. If we refuse to listen, especially if two or more people suggest the same thing, we are being fools. I have learned that even if I disagree with something two or more people suggest, it never hurts to try, and usually it is a huge blessing, even if there is hurt and pain in the process.