The Presence

Beyond power, beyond politics, reigns… The Presence. I just finished reading “The Presence” by T. Davis Bunn it is a great fiction. I forgot how enjoyable a fiction could be. A basic synopsis of the story: A small town lawyer receives a vision while on vacation, he is called to Washington D.C. he has no idea why or how. It is a story about standing up for what is right, listening to God’s calling, and stepping out in faith. Maybe I am just a little weird but this is the first fiction I have read in a long time (since like I was 10) that I actually became teary eyed. If you’re looking for a good fiction, especially one set in modern times, and like politics, this is a book for you. Not to mention it has a shocker of an ending!

Listening to: My Way or the Highway… – Relient K – The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek