The husband I want to be

I want to be myself when I am a husband, I do not want to be one person with my wife and another with other people. I want to be authentic in everything I do, but I want to be sensitive at the same time. I want my wife to confide in me, not fear me. I want to confide in my wife and not fear her. I want to work through problems and not run through them. I want my marriage to be a true marriage, one where each party honors, respects, works with, loves, and that is centered on God’s principles. I want to pray together, support each other, be open to her suggestions her ideas. I want to be a husband who strives to fulfill all the biblical values for a good, God-honoring husband. When (and not if) hard times come I will seek God’s counsel in working through those times.

I am making a commitment now to be a husband of integrity, I will not say, “I can’t buy, but what’s wrong with looking at the menu”, that is wrong, dishonoring, and only drives impurity into the mind. I will seek wisdom in all I do, and I will live for what is right. I will also strive to always listen, and only “give solutions” when I have permission. I am moving forward up the mountain, I do not want to slip, but some surfaces are slippery, but in my heart, I seek strength from the Lord Jesus.

“But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – Jesus Christ [Matthew 5:28]

Listening to: Long Way Home – Bebo Norman – Myself When I Am Real