Old Friends needed

I have friends here, but sometimes good old friends are just needed. I just want to sit around in a living room and play games again with people who I know all share the same passion for Jesus. I want to have spontaneous worship on the waterfront again, just because my friends and I felt like it. I want the feeling of learning from each other because we want to know Jesus more and we want each other to know Jesus more too! I want to be face to face with other guys talking about guy things because we want to be more like Jesus. I just need my old friends. I need them for my sanity and I need their love.

Oh Lord, let your will be done, if it is your will for me to be in Poland I know you know what is best. However, I am desperately asking that I am not alone, that a whole group of friends could come here for your work. I am asking, no, simply begging, that a team be possible. In Jesus name, make it so.