Remember that MXPX song? I think it had far much more effect than I ever gave it credit for. Last September when I left Seattle to come here I left my things in my apartment with some guys I use to hang out with from church (they’re Christian…), that was mistake number one. You see, now that the lease on that apartment is up at the end of June they are freaking out about some things. The first being all the furniture that is mine, most of it is with an old roommate of mine at his apartment (this is fine) but all my bedroom stuff has now ended up in another part of Seattle because that friend moved out last weekend and took my stuff with him. This wouldn’t be a big issue, except that I still have stuff in the apartment which is now going to go to a third place, this is not what I desired nor is it what I want to come home to. I had (or so I thought) explained to each of them what I wanted to be done with all my stuff, however, they are now just seeking the best options for themselves without consideration for my situation. What to do? I don’t know. There also is a problem with the cable bill, which is still in my name (second mistake, but I wanted to keep it so I could transfer it to a new place when I got back, because it is the basis of my email account and web space through Comcast). You see, the cable bill is a month behind, and if I want to transfer it to some place temporarily or suspend it, it is going to be hard to get someone to take the responsibility.

I’ve been calling these guys for about two weeks trying to get something figured out but they don’t want to, it’s always “such and such hasn’t talked to me.” This kind of stuff is driving me crazy, someone had better take responsibility, soon. Not to mention that when I checked the cable bill (I might regret this, but it couldn’t be a secret for too long) online I found some interesting “pay-per-view” items… yes porn. Now what do I do? I don’t know. I need the bill paid before I can do anything with it, I don’t even care if someone takes the responsibility for it, just someone do it. Maybe I have the wrong attitude, but shouldn’t other brothers in Christ help out a brother, especially one living off the support of others? Yes, this is one big rant, and maybe I’ll regret it, but right now, I’m upset.

All I want is for my stuff to preferably be in one place, if not just two; but three, and three that are spread all around the Seattle metro, NO THANKS. I’ll be calling some other, more responsible people to see if I can get them to move my stuff to a storage place or something. It’s a bit hard coordinating it all from here so hopefully someone will take the responsibility. Alexis is being a huge help through all this but has limited time and resources to do much.

So if you could all keep that in prayer that’d be great! In other news… I sent my résumé in for a “Support Engineer” position last night, already got a positive reply for more information, so that would be great to be in prayer too. Thanks for everything, your all great!