And so I digress

So, maybe I’ve been a little critical of my surroundings, people back home, life in general. However, I know where I stand and I say those things for a reason. I realize I sound cynical but sometimes I really feel like I am on the front lines, and it’s hard. I know I had many expectations, even some which were too high and because of those I’ve been greatly disappointed. However, I whole-heartedly believe in aiming for the stars and accomplishing something rather than aiming for something I know is possible. Yes this leads to disappointments but it also leads to greater accomplishments. So, I am going to try and see those accomplishments and the positive things.

As for the craziness happening back in Seattle with my stuff, it’s all working out, I knew it would, I just needed to let out a bit of steam. Sometimes we just have to do that, and granted this is a public forum and maybe I didn’t say things very nicely however, everyone back home knows that I am a pretty level headed person. Believe me, I’m not going to go about things backwards and blame it on others, it’s just the frustration of having to deal with things I thought were already taken care of. I want to apologize to those that I may have upset, and I purposely kept most of what I said vague especially when regarding the people involved, don’t assume you know who I am talking about. Some parties involved have been awesome at doing what they said they would do when I left, and for those I give thanks.