Yet God still uses me

I just had one of the most fantastic conversations since coming to Poland. If this ends up being the only conversation of its kind this entire time I’m here, than it is all worth it. Just to see someone smile and understand who God really is, and why we are here, and to know that He is the reason; makes me giddy like a little school girl. And even though just last night I was down in the dumps, he has decided to use me anyway. He’s cleaned me once again, lifted me out of the dirt, then said “come” and I went. I’m not expecting for the person I talked with tonight to change overnight, but I know that in some way this person felt a little closer to God. For me that is the most joyous thing to see. I want others to see His joy, to feel his peace, and to know that He loves them.

The world can make life so confusing, the enemy make it so unloving, and our minds make us doubt. But the Holy Spirit is strong, if we just have faith, if we just believe it will happen without needing to see the results, then it will happen and in time we can see the blessings. Take my word for it. God is here, and he’ll use you, yes you. He used me even though less than 24 hours ago I disobeyed and knowingly gave in to temptation that I know is wrong and harmful. Tonight I raise my holy hands up, and I touch Him. I lift my voice up to him, higher and higher. Lord Jesus you came and lifted me up, thank you. Why do I ever doubt!?