The sun

The sun makes a world of difference for my mood. When the light comes in through my windows (as little as there are in my basement apartment) it just livens me up. It seems everything is a little lighter, the people in the streets, the animals, and the overall spiritual environment, everything. When the sun is out, I feel like I’m walking directly with THE SON. I wish I could just internalize this feeling inside, make it a recallable memory, but instead I seem to slip into heaviness when the sun is away. Not all the time, and I must say it is getting better with each day.

God has been showing me many new things in my life, things like saying a simple hello, praying with people on the spot instead of “I’ll be praying for you” and the ever-so-simple smile. I have been so humbled by life here, that’s just as simple as it gets. Be humble.