Praise God from whom all blessings come

Last Sunday I owed my college $3,700 in tuition (last quarter and this quarter). This Sunday I owe just $600 (or $85/week). How did this happen? It started on Tuesday night, I was attempting to go to sleep when I was overcome with how much money I needed in the next few months, which included my tuition and the upcoming mission trip back to Poland ($2500). So, I got into bed with my journal, and wrote down all my options, which included the possibility of going back to work full time and doing school part time. However, the Lord heard my cries, and I believe he appreciated my honesty with Him, because on Wednesday morning I had a $200 donation towards tuition.

Right after getting the news about the donation, I got in my car to pick Alexis up and by random chance, someone had my “bridges” hymns CD on, the words “Praise God from whom all blessings come” played. God taught me a lesson, be honest, praise Him for all things and depend on Him for all things. Well, I forgot that lesson by that night and was overcome again, and realized that I still did not have enough, realistically, to pay for school by the time this quarter is over. So I prayed again, this time with a bit more oomph, and I told God that I knew this is His calling and that although I do not understand my circumstance I know it is Him who called me. Well Thursday I go about my day as usual (which is mostly meetings), and then Pastor Dan tells me that Gil (the vice president of the college) needs to see me, and I thought “oh no”. We take the small walk over to Gil’s office, but he’s in a pre-marital meeting, so Dan proceeds to tell me the news. He’s not sure of the exact number, but I had a donation come in, and I said “oh, I knew that, the $200” and he says “Well, another one, a bit larger”, and I said “oh cool”… “a very large one…”… “okay” “you have only the last third of this quarter left”… I was floored. On Friday morning I checked my box at school, and in it was a receipt and a photocopy of a check for $2,900. Hallelujah!

So, with that, I was humbled, and I know I really have no control, God is fully in control orchestrating things. So for school I just need $600, and for Poland $2,355 (I’ve had some PayPal donations come in, thank you bloggsphere!). I have no doubt in my mind that I am out of God’s will. My stress level is much lower and my future seems clearer and will be coming faster than I ever though, Amen to that.