1 Month to go

Well, I have one month until I return for a mini-trip back to Poland. We’ll be in Zakopane for almost two weeks starting on July 22nd. Alexis and I and the rest of the team are getting very excited. During our prayer meetings (every Thursday from now until the trip) God has been showing each person his/her place for this trip, each person on the team will be the head of what the camp is calling “tribes” the primary role of a tribal leader will be as spiritual guides for the campers. This is certainly a place where I feel called to, a place where I can use all this passion and urgency that seems to be built up inside of me with nowhere out.

Now on the more human side, we still are far from our goal of $2,500. This has been by far the hardest trip to raise money for that I have ever been a part of. By God’s grace we have our tickets purchased on credit, not the ideal position to be in of course. We have until July 10th to raise another $2,190 each… This is a bit overwhelming… But somehow someway it will work out. Right now I’ve taken a step of faith (and idea that came while I was sitting on the toilet) and used some of my retirement to pay for our airfare, this amount has to be paid back within 60 days (of which I have about 40 left). Thank God I got a new job last week that pays quite well, but at the moment my hours are not that many. It is possible for me to actually pay myself backing this timeline, assuming that I can work 5 hours a day for the next 40 days. So, anyway. Bottom line, please donate. Donation link on your right. Blessings.