Can’t wait to have a place of my own again.

Listening to: Everyday – SONICFLOOd
My laptop randomly chooses pictures from my large assortment of pictures over the years, currently a very nice picture of my old apartment is set as my wallpaper, and I miss that place! As I think back to those days I remember a time when life had a steady pace. I worked Monday – Friday, and had the same activities weekly on the same days, and those days that didn’t have anything I always had people to call or I always had a place to go home to be by myself. These days I live with 10-15 other people at all times (right now I’m the only one downstairs though, it is quite nice) and after two years of this I am certainly ready to have a place to call “home” again, of course this time Alexis will be with me and a whole new atmosphere will be built, but that’s okay, I’m so looking forward to it. I have a lot of ideas for our new place, and so does Alexis (our invitations have TMA, for Travis Mielonen Alexis, I laughed today when Alexis said it stood for “too much attitude”, pretty true when it comes to decisions such as how to decorate the house).

Anyway, my prayer request is that when we get back from Europe I can find a job quick enough that Alexis and I can get a new place fairly quick, right now it’s a little hard applying for jobs since we’ll be gone for seven weeks. If I don’t find a job quickly we’ll need to stay somewhere for real cheap, like $300 or less (and that’s pushing it if we want to keep up on our regular bills) until I get a job. We have our eyes on some townhouses right here in downtown Gresham, they go for $710/month, two stories, one