We will go to Poland.

Just in case anyone forgets, we are moving to Poland, depending on God’s timing anywhere from 4-5 years (or whatever He makes it). For some reason I have this thing inside, something that makes me think people don’t care about our vision for Poland. I guess it’s all of the “oh that’s cool” reactions, with hardly (I’m counting 4 so far) anyone showing any more interest than they would a little child who wants to be an astronaut, and actually I feel like that child would get more attention. I’m stopping here, one because we’re at a friends house, and two because I want to sound upset, well, because I am, and I do not want to cover it up with what I know is the truth. I know what the truth is, and I also know how I feel. All we want is to have some people show some strong interest in the vision. Remember I know the truth, I know that this lack of interest does not change our calling.

Father, hear our cry for this nation, raise up people to come along side with support and to support. Thank you for those that are showing more than a casual interest. We know it is your will, praise you Lord for who you are and all that you are doing now. In Jesus’ name I pray for a passion of your name in Poland and for Poland. Amen.