Politics rant.

Should not the news be reporting things such as this? This is something that I have heard of only from other service people, friends who have been in Iraq, etc… Apparently if you are actually in the war you can see why to support it, imagine that.

Now, before you sign me off as a 100% Bush supporter, just know that I am in the middle on nearly everything regarding politics. Do I think it’s been awfully long? YES. Do I think people deserve freedom? YES. My question is where does our responsibility start and theirs begin? How much of this is a culture issue that we may not understand? Because I do not know the circumstance I will trust those that see it in first person, in 3D, and allow God the control. I wish we were not there, I wish it were over, but it isn’t, and I’m sure the families of our people and the Iraqi families all feel the same. The enemy (the spiritual enemy) obviously as a strong hold there… Danial chapter 10?