The need (okay, desire) to conquer the world!

Okay I’m tired of letting myself down in certain diciplines, lately, for lack of having a study partner, I have been skipping my morning devotions. This isn’t good, because at any point in the next two weeks my life is going to change (for the better) when Emma arrives on the scene, and I don’t quite know how my schedule is going to work! I have got to stick to the priorities of life, find a way to be self motivated, albeit life is so much easier when you have someone to do it with (morning devotions, working out, being accountable, etc).

Just today I hit that lull in the middle of the work day, and all I wanted to do was go outside and run, bike, hike, something other than sitting in a cube making sure people’s servers are running (even the servers get to go running).

I just want to conquer the world, go travel, see places, people, hang out, let the world know I still care, and that there’s a savior who still cares too!

I think Mr. Dwight from The Office sums it all up, what do you think eh?