Cynicism verses positive faith

This is how I feel sometimes.

Where’s the line?  Between trying to keep it “real” and speaking in faith about life?  I’ve realized that I have a very whiny tone, especially since the fund raising stuff had to start up again.  Gosh, I’m actually a pretty positive person, but reading this blog you wouldn’t know it.

I have full faith that God is going to provide every last penny, and that through all of this we’ll learn more about His character and love for us.  Everything will be okay, it always is.  I’m also a reactive kind of person, while I like to think that I’m responsive, that I think things through, sometimes I simply react and find the “quickest” way not the best way to a solution.  That in turn leads to me processing rather negatively on here.

Of course I strive to keep things authentic here, and the balance lays somewhere between speaking out on the reality, and speaking positively about what and who I know God is.