Tweets for the past week

  • 1 day I'll have a closet, in that closet will B nice, unwrinkled shirts, & those shirts shall nevr B wrinkled, esp the bottom edge, pls God #
  • One day at a time, you take me higher, one step at a time. #
  • @romanmir yup, it was near the salmon creek area, very nice backyard wedding! in reply to romanmir #
  • food coma, thai food is good food. yum. #
  • My #9 bus has now said it would arrive in 5 min three times now, yes almost a 15 min delay… and still no sign #trimet #
  • Who has a truck I can barrow on Tuesday? #
  • Who has a truck I can borrow on Tuesday? #
  • Alexis is away for the night watching movies with the girls, so I'm geeking out and trying to get Android 2.2. on my phone! #
  • @patrickweed It's an Italian version of the MyTouch, my old rom works, but not the new one 🙁 in reply to patrickweed #