Tweets for the past week

  • Just Emma being herself 🙂 #
  • Tuesday was fine 🙂 Wednesday will be long. Thursday we'll see. Friday, Let's not get ahead of ourselves. #
  • Reading all my friends' status updates about school this, and school that is giving me anxiety… #schoolisnotforme yet I may return 1 day. #
  • Authenticity can never be under estimated, it is the root to "the truth will set you free". #
  • Wow, incredible, strange, and unreal: RT @komonews: Knife removed from Brazil man's head after 3 years: #whoa #
  • Biggest pet peeve on @trimet… people playing loud music, loud enough I can hear it with my headphones on. #maxcar321a at stop ID 8338 #
  • Going to the Polish Festival in an hour or so, should be fun! #
  • Rilee and Emma at the Polish festival #