Tweets for the past week

  • What am I going to do all week while Alexis and Emma are away in Seattle until Saturday??!! #
  • Ever have a foreign word come to mind and can't figure out what it means? Yeah, thought so, Brzeg? Apparently something like "edge or coast" #
  • Thank u to the operator of @trimet MAX car 120, east bound, blue line for actually informing us passengers about delays, even though minor. #
  • Going to bed… I think "The Event" might be a good replacement for LOST, we shall see 🙂 #
  • Brain fried, overload on Polish. But I will do more tonight! #
  • Really missing Alexis and Emma tonight, it's a long, long, wait until Sunday 🙁 #
  • Observing peeps who you only know in one context outside of that context is so intriguing. Love humanity even more, and seeing as He does. #
  • Bread crumb number 1 #