Tweets for the past week

  • Many passions & ways to affect those around us: Choose to be selfish or to serve & love others. Serve & be fulfilled. Self-serve & be empty. #
  • Favorite question of the day: What are your procedures for monitoring global Pandemic events? #
  • Love. To. Travel. And. Experience. New. Cities! NYC is great even in torrential rain and wind 🙂 #
  • Yay technology – we're not paying any stinking Internet fees on this trip thanks to WiFi sharing on my Android 🙂 #
  • Hmmm… I'd probably hate the job… but for 67k I'd consider it! #trimet #
  • Next stop SEA #
  • And today we drive back to Portland – we missed Emma so much! Thankfully she had lots of fun with grandparents, aunts, & uncles! 🙂 #