Tweets for the past week

  • @techrmurphy What what? huh… change of culture? looks so! #
  • Quite possibly a very long day ahead, time to get my game on. #
  • Onto PHX then JFK for a couple of good ops then right on back to PDX the same day… wows. I'll at least see my family faster 🙂 #
  • PHX: Ouch. I took 4 ibuprofen (800ml) and my mouth still hurts and I just feel odd. Maybe food will help. #
  • Well this will be interesting… our flight out of JFK just got cancelled. What's a little rain NYC!? I'm sure something legit is up… #
  • Enjoying Stone street… might as well take advantage of the unplanned time here. #
  • Sun and white puffy clouds = wonderful. #
  • @albsy study at the park? Wish we still lived in the Sea area b/c merrymore park has/had wifi in the park! #
  • Come on #Gresham ruffions in the sunny park, must u drop F bombs around all the kids? Thx for the half hearted apologies. #