Tweets for the past week

  • @TriMet not again, checked transit tracker, had 6 min, walk downstairs and across Civic to see MAX go away 3 min early, TT board: "3 min" #
  • @TriMet (cont) interesting enough a ghost train appeared 5 min late, and TT still said 12 min remaining. #
  • Wearing black is no fun when it gathers everything on it… #lintbrushNOW #
  • @sirlancelot Nice 🙂 As soon as I'm off this call, de-linting will commence. #
  • The world seems quite alright when my daughter waits & keeps herself awake an hour past normal, w/o complaint, to say goodnight to me. #
  • How Schram rolls at the office. #
  • I have no idea what happened today, headache and sore throat…. kinda made the day cloudy. #
  • Letting go of the dream doesn't kill it, it allows a rebirth of dreams beyond our imagination. Control isn't all it's cracked up to be. #
  • Details can be distracting to our dreams, now that's so the truth – Thanks Mr. Graves. #