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  • Emma, a rock, and a fall day 🙂 – #
  • Mommy & Daddy this one! – #
  • This one Mommy & Daddy! – #
  • Skye Jethani: Recipe for Church-365 (Part 4): Read parts one, two, and three of "Recipe for Church365".

    Ingredi… #

  • Wow, just sold my old phone on ebay, posted it at 8:15, sold at 8:37 (had a buy it now option on)! Shoulda had a higher price! #
  • @patrickweed already using it 😉 #
  • @patrickweed yeah, I use CyanogenMod and there is one built in 🙂 just hold power button. It's great. #
  • Of course I miss the train somehow even though Transit Tracker said I had enough time 🙁 on the first day of the East wind blowing #trimet #
  • A short chapter dedicated to blessing the family, may I remember and pray this regularly. #
  • From earlier, before the train, at least it's beautiful out! – #
  • 8 Thoughts for My 8 Year Old: Shared by TravisM

    I have to admit, this wrecked me in fantastic and awesome way… #

  • Walking by the food carts everyday to & from the office to use MAX makes me hungry, so far I've kept the temptation at bay. #pdx #trimet #
  • @TriMet might want a clean up crew on the westbound platform at Civic Dr looks like someone broke a glass bottle on the platform. #
  • We Should Pay: Free Ride Advocates Miss the Point: Shared by TravisM

    Story from a Seattle transit blog on int… #

  • @patrickweed What are you looking for? #
  • @patrickweed ouch good luck 🙂 you may need to go online to find that kind of aged technology… #
  • @patrickweed always, always, always find what I want for a good price… after that amazon/ebay #
  • Resourcing Missional Entrepreneurs (without creating charity cases): Prague. Yesterday I spoke to a group of Chr… #
  • Video chatting with Emma (and Alexis) 🙂 – #
  • @patrickweed yup it's awesome, clean, works great! Including video chat in gtalk. Recommend using ROM manager + clockwork to install. #
  • @patrickweed oh yes 😉 #
  • @patrickweed too laggy?? Tell me more… haven't noticed.. maybe I don't know! Lol #