What to do? Relationships? questions.

Just for the record: this isn’t a reaction to anything that thappened, just questions and thoughts, about nothing specific.

So here I am in my bedroom, with a thousand thoughts going through my mind. Who/What are these thoughts about well God and Alexis. I realize it is kind of late, and when its late weird thoughts go through my head, so I’ll just list them and answer the questions?. And see if anyone has advice? which I’m sure a few of you will. 🙂

Do I tell her I love her? ? I’m pretty sure she knows, but is this going to fast right now? I feel like this should be reserved for a special occasion, a special time when the meaning can be associated to God’s love.

Is Alexis my future wife? ? I would love to say yes, I know as of right now there isn’t any thing keeping me from saying no, except that we both know we must continue to grow together and closer to Christ, and take things in God’s timing. Right now, I have no doubt, but that in itself scares me, and is the only thing that scares me, this all seems to good to be true? must remain cautious.

Should I kiss her? ? NO, I already know this, not until the time is right, for instance, when I propose to her, or maybe when I return from Poland, I’m not sure but I know this is more than a physical connection being made, it will be the beginning of us joining together.

When to listen, and when to give advice ? My heart is to serve her, and I understand that a lot of times Woman just want to be listened to, while I want to help and make a plan to fix the problem, when really the best way to fix the problem is to just listen. But what about my need to want to give advice? When does that happen? This isn’t much of an issue now, but I can see myself thinking “Why doesn’t she just take my advice, at least give it a try?”

Our goal ? The goal of our relationship is marriage, we are I guess technically “courting”, but for the sake of our friends and questions we say “dating”. We are choosing to take things slowly, and to keep God at the center at all times, we both have accountability partners, and we both want to keep life centered on Christ and serving others.

So, this is what is going through my head, isn’t it exciting? All I want from our relationship is a relationship which honors God, keeps Christ in the Center and is made to serve others even more than we can separate. I ask for you to pray for God’s wisdom and strength in our relationship with him, with others, and with each other. Thanks? advice very much welcomed.