When projects control your mind

I’ve been wanting to redesign my blog, and work on a number of web projects for a while… so I decided that this evening would be at least the start of some of those projects.  I should’ve known it would take me past midnight… these kinds of things always do.

At least I’m happy with the new blog design, although I want to customize the header image, and make a few minor tweaks – overall I’m quite happy.  Next on my list is a major project to centralize all of our photos both in the cloud and on our computers, that’ll be fun… not.  I might actually start blogging some more once I feel like all of these projects are caught up on.

New job and open doors

About a month ago I began thinking about why I had so much anxiety in regards to work, while I like the job, the tasks, that I do for my current employer, I really did not see any opportunity to move forward, not that I would with just about two years to go before the big move, but there wasn’t even the ability to move laterally and do something different if I felt like it.  Then some decisions and issues with the company began happening, shortly after our return from Kraków in October – and these things just added to the list, all of it in the area of employee-care -basically there was none.

I began praying and asking God for an open door, I didn’t post my resume anywhere, I didn’t knock on every IT firm out there – I simply prayed and God reminded me of one place…

So, I checked out a company that one of my former co-workers (form my current employer) is working for now.  And they had a position listed on their website – so I applied.  I contacted my old co-worker and he gave me a good reference – a few days later I had an interview, then a week later a final interview with the CEO.  On Saturday they gave me an offer, I counter offered (too much of a pay-cut even with the benefits being so much better) they came back with a very reasonable offer.  So starting on December 5th (strange a Friday, but gives me a good full week of real work instead of HR stuff) I will be employed by Smarsh, look at their website to get an idea of what they do.

Finish life update – back to the regularly scheduled program – oh wait – there hasn’t been any.

Testing things out

I’ve installed a new wordpress plugin called “wp-o-matic” it allows me to share an item from Google Reader, share a quick note about why I found an article interesting enough to share, then posts it to my blog.  It seems to have a few quirks to it, so bare with me if something odd happens and you see strange articles that look like their written by me, but are not.  🙂

Update: The even cooler thing that this little plugin lets me do is “merge” any web feeed out there (such as my photo blog on blogger) into this site, now it’s as simple as sending my mobile posts straight to blogger as I use to and they are posted on here within 30 min – so much better than the hokey, half baked, almost never worked work arounds I tried before.