Why I blog

  • self reflection
  • mixture of faith and tangible “real world” ideas
  • positive words in a negative world
  • challenge others to think differently
  • have a living journal, which reflects my ever changing life
  • reflect the one person in my life who doesn’t change
  • reflect the love for the world that Jesus shows me
  • because the world is far more complex than we can give justice on Twitter or Facebook
  • to muse about “Christian altruism” ideas
  • lastly, because I think Romans 12 is a verb, we all need to Romans 12 our lives, interactions, churches, and relationships

Before you read…

This blog is not an in depth, cross-referenced, scholarly piece of work. This is simply my impressions on life, scripture, and humanity with insight based on my life experiences, what I feel the Holy Spirit saying, and balanced against the teachings of my past and understanding of God’s character as best I can glean from scripture and other Biblical teachings.

For simplicity I prefer a thought by thought gleaning of scripture, so if needed I’ll tackle related and surrounding scripture later if I haven’t previously done so (look at the tags below an entry to get more).

Discussion is welcomed with civil contribution done in the spirit of Romans 12.

This blog is mostly an outlet for me to process what I see, hear, and experience. It is not meant as a representation of any organizations I belong to.