And I?m gone.

Here is just a quick update.

1 ? Wireless internet in the airports does not work right, at least my experience thus far has been unsuccessful.

2 ? If you would like to send me something here is my mailing address in Poland.

Travis Mielonen

ul. Andrzeja Struga 3/6

34-500 Zakopane


3 ? Tell everybody I?m okay, I made it safely, and I?ll have some pictures posted as soon as I can.

4 ? I am very excited, but at the moment I?m tired (I?m actually on the plane from Chicago to Frankfurt right now), as soon as I get an internet connection I?ll be posting this.

5 ? Thanks for all of your prayers, support, and friendships? if you couldn?t go, or didn?t hear about the surprise party, it was amazing, sorry if you didn?t hear about, they tried Alexis and Matt are amazing.

6 ? I have lot more to say, but I?ll wait when I get the time to actually think straight, which might be a while.