I don?t know how they do it.

I don?t know how Carol and Denise do it, what do I mean by ?do it?? Well, get enough fellowship, worship, and good Christian ?food?. I?m feeling pretty low these days, some days are better than others, some moments are better than others, but overall, its just not what I?m use to. Which, that is exactly why I?m here, what I get here, is 100 times more than what other Christians in other parts of the world get, and what I got in Seattle was 1000 times more than what I get here? And you know what?s crazy? Seattle is one of the most ?unchurched? cities in the USA, and by unchurched all that means is people who don?t attend any kind of ?worship? or ?religious? service, it?s doesn?t mean just ?Christian?. But how to make it enough? How do I keep myself from going crazy with starvation? I?m not quite sure, but I have a good feeling God is going to show me. The hardest things for me are two of the most important things to me. One is worship, around here it is very hard for me to worship, one because it isn?t in English, and two, it just isn?t full of the same emotion I am use to, I want to express my love and adoration to God in ways which the environment just isn?t allowing. Some of it is me, being conservative around people I can?t communicate with, and the other part of it is, the language barrier, and songs I?m not use to. Worship just isn?t music though, thankfully. It is so much more, it?s my entire lifestyle, and musical worship is only 25% of the entire ?worship? deal, and the other 75% I?m doing pretty well. The second thing I?m dealing with is a good message which speaks to my heart, the messages we share with others, have been helpful in reassuring me of who I am in Christ, but they are not helping me to grow in Christ. I?m very excited for me to receive some tapes from Mill Creek, that will be a huge blessing, hopefully they come before I go to Switzerland on Wednesday. Anyway, those are my current struggles.

But I do have some triumphs, they are not as clean cut as the struggles, but I?m sure in a few weeks, I?ll be able to clearly see them. I am beginning to clearly see the direction God is giving us, which is to personally make meaningful relationships with the people here. With these relationships, we can open their hearts to God, and to letting Jesus not only be there Savior, but also their Lord, and let him take their hardships. The young adults group is in a desperate need of understanding that Jesus will make them a new person, if they let him. They must let go of the things in their lives which keep them bound to sin, or to unhealthy feelings about themselves.

Please pray for the young men in our group, currently there are only three on a regular occasion, me, Chris (my awesome roommate), and Piotrek (not the one I asked for prayer earlier), and each of us are in a healthy growing relationship with God. Men play an important role in the Polish society, and if we can disciple some good strong Godly men, we can certainly help make a difference, especially when it comes to this strongly male dominated culture. Please pray that each of us (everyone here) are fed appropriately, can worship God freely in their own personal way, and is able to truly disciple others into a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks!