This is my life?

Am I who I want to be? Is it everything I ever dreamed it would be? Yes I am who I want to be, but I?m completely open to being something more everyday until the day I die. Yes it is everything I dreamed it would ever be, in fact it is completely different and more than I dreamed it would ever be.

I am who I want to be because I am living for Christ, I am experiencing the blessing of stepping out in faith; being away from the magnificent person who God has put me in an intimate relationship with here on Earth, quitting a great job, being away from my great friends and fellowship, and being away from a culture I know and understand (even more so now). Do I think I am ?done?, no, we are not turkeys, we do not have a specific time to be in the oven and then be done, just to be devoured, maybe the rest of the world thinks this way, but I do not. I am who I want to be because I have allowed God to shape me, every day I am being changed into a person more like him. Only until that day when I meet our Creator will I be satisfied with who I am, because on that day I hope to hear ?Well done my good and faithful servant?, I?m only a servant if my heart is open to changing and loving as God does, not pleasing him by my works, but by loving his people and loving him with my heart.

My life is completely different than I could have ever dreamed it would be, and I know five years from now it will be completely different than I am dreaming now (although some of the things I?m dreaming now, are more likely to happen in five years, than the dreams I dreamed five years ago). Five years ago, I dreamed of being married, having a good house, a good job, and a happy American family (or at least a happy American young couple). But now, while those things are completely possible, I dream only of having meaningful relationships with others, in which I can also bring them this same dream, in which they know who they are, and who they want to be with Christ. I dream that Alexis and I (as long as Jesus is at the center, our relatoinship will work) can be in a relationship which screams ?Something is different here?, in which other couples, other people say ?I want what they have?, and in which we can reply ?First, be happy with being single, get to know yourself and God, and build your relationship with God first, be content, see what God has for you? with out it being Clich?! Because we want to have meaningful relationships with others.

We (living Christ followers) are God?s hands, feet, and voice to a world which does not know him. Only we can plant the seeds, let God do the growing, and we do the harvesting, and God does the digesting with the fruit. We were made in the image of God, male and female, we like praise, so does god, we enjoy being thanked for our work, so does God, we must feel loved by others, and God must be loved by us for him to know us ? do you really know anyone you don?t love? I would say no.

Inspired by the words of “This is your life” by Switchfoot.