I don?t deserve friends like you, you?re too good?

Last night wasn?t as I had expected, but it turned out to be a good night of worship and prayer. The turnout ended up only being one of our young adults, she?s also our children?s pastor, so instead of talking about ?who is God to you?, we instead prayed for the group, and asked for commitment, and for the group to really begin to feel loved and empowered. It was good, but not what I had hoped for, but the Lord is good.

So, when it came to our regular service tonight, I gave an announcement about our new ?upper room nights?, which I?m just advertising as ?a special dinner night?. Later we got into our ?family? groups (groups which each week serve a different area of ministry) and we prayed for the people to our left. There was a young lady to my left, who I?ve had the pleasure of talking to (she?s an English speaker) recently she came over early before service and we had a good conversation, not about anything ?spiritual? but it was good for her to see that we are ?normal?. I prayed for God to touch her, and that the next few months would be a time for her experience God?s love in a new amazing way. I think it scared her a little, not in a bad way, but in a way which made her really think. She ended up leaving the service after that. Later on she text messaged Chris and told him ?Sorry I wasn?t their on Saturday night, I don?t deserve friends like you, you?re too good?. There is something in her past which makes her think she doesn?t deserve to be loved, or to be recognized as lovable. She?s currently involved with a boyfriend who is working in Chicago, who from all accounts that I?ve seen, does not treat her very well, and does not show any kind of love. From what I understand she knows all this, but still can?t let go of the relationship, in my opinion she is afraid to be ?alone?. Anyway, please keep her in your prayers, and I am asking for God?s wisdom in dealing with these kinds of situations. I?ve always been afraid of ?cross-sex? ministry, but God has assured me I have nothing to be afraid of. My relationship with Alexis is built on a concrete foundation, and everyone here knows how committed I am to Alexis, so ?go forward, if they think other things you?ll know and be able to redirect their feelings/attention in the correct way before its too late?.

In other news, the girl I mentioned in my newsletter who makes the cards got more reassurance today. The Swiss pastor and three of his people are here for our pastor?s retreat we are hosting. One of the women who came told this young lady how awesome the cards are, and she had a list for more ?orders? from her friends in Switzerland. The polish girl is so amazed, and I could see a twinkle of hope and amazement in her eyes tonight? I really want to post some pictures for all of you to see, and possibly you can ?order? too? she?ll be very surprised, but they are so amazing, hand done, and very tasteful. So, God is working, and expect many amazing things to happen while I?m here. Thank you God, and thanks to all of you, who pray for me, and everyone here. I?m excited, are you?