I’m feeling pretty good these days. Nothing particular has contributed to this feeling. I’m incredibly excited to get back to Seattle, but it also is a little scary. I’m not quite sure about how I will survive there, culture shock and being without a job is going to be tough. However, at the same time I know it will all be just fine. I’ve officially applied for two jobs now, one I haven’t heard anything probably because I can’t actually work until August 16th so that’s going to be a big factor until I get a bit closer to that date. There are many more jobs that I’m interested in but they specifically say “must be ready to hire in two weeks”, which I am not.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how amazing life is when you truly choose to follow God even when it doesn’t make sense. There are still things I find amazing like “love your enemies”, “love your neighbor as yourself”, “if someone takes your shoes, give them your jacket” all of these things are so opposite to our nature. But the more we do these things the more character we build and the more our lives are blessed. It all starts with trust, and I’m far from trusting God enough. I still do many things under my power, I still rationalize things that I simply don’t need to. God is the light in my life, now I just need to let him be the headlight in my life now.