Religion & Fellowship

Campus Crusade for Christ @ Cascadia Community College.

CRU as we like to call it is a place for anyone seeking a place to be accepted. We love people, and we love our campus, the reason… We love God. Tonight the speaker spoke about the awesome changes which occur after a person accepts Christ into their life. The idea that accepting Christ into your life is the most important and most fulfilling decision any person could ever make, was also discussed and backed by scripture. God is amazing, in the way he shares his word with people.

Tonight I had to have patients, because there are some things I think should be said in a different way, but God kept telling me that this is the way he wanted it for tonight. I have a problem with “religion” and when something begins to look religious instead of from the spirit, I get nervous, but I have learned that organization can be key, as long as the condition of the heart is full of Christ.

After CRU we always go out. Tonight was Denny’s. Denny’s in Woodinville is cool because it is smoke free, a good clean environment. As I was there listening to the conversations, of which relationships came up again, I was intrigued by all the interactions of people. God showed me that our generation, for some reason, is craving good strong relationships. I have seen many relationships get broken, simply because of bad communication, my goal for myself, is to communicate with everyone. I hope to lift all of my friends, coworkers and family, I ask God to help me in this. The world just needs some Christ-like love, I will leave my problems behind for the love of Christ. One of these days we will all look back at these days, and laugh & cry.

With Christ life is good.