So, there I was reading everyone’s blogs!

(the words “holy oranges!” to the tune of silent night, the words It’s getting… to the tune of “it’s starting to look a lot like christmas”.)

Holy oranges! It’s gettin’ to look a lot like blogmas, all around my life.

Yeah I have like eight blogs I catch up to on a daily basis. It’s a great way to learn more about people, see the side you don’t always see. If you wanna see all my friend’s blogs, look the right, see the departures section, yeah that… click on those links, them all me friends.

So, yay, i’ve had my first customer, just now, as I was writing this… weee…. didn’t buy anything, but he got the information, to take home to his boy… 🙂

so now i start the serious part of this blog.

You know what really drives me nuts, when I fail to live up to my own goals! I am always making goals, goals, which seem fairly simple to achieve. In my case they are all goals to stop something, which is self-destructive. I think my problem is that I try to achieve all of these goals all at once, and I tend to start with the hardest one. That?s not good, how am I suppose to ever get them achieved?

As you may have guessed I have fallen once again, and now I?m beginning to feel like I?m not as close to God as I thought I was. I mean I still feel his heart beat, and his tug on my heart all the time, but why do I keep falling? Why do I keep on blowing it right in front of his face?

But I tell you this my brothers and sisters, it is getting better, what use to be every day, a lot of the time multiple times a day, is becoming less and less, and I actually go sometimes a week or two with out falling? so it?s happening, just not as fast as I imagined.

If it were not for my friends I have no idea where I would be today. In fact I would have probably gone off to the city, and left everyone behind, thank you to my friend from preschool you changed my life! If it were not for you I would have fallen into the world, so far that I would have never returned. Well I guess that isn?t giving God much credit? God is truly good, he used you to change my life, never stop serving the lord, you never know who you may affect. I am a life that was changed.

.: prayers, prayer requests :.

God on high!

I ask for the courage, and wisdom when I finally (once again I failed a Goal, but I had distractions I tell you, I did?) tell my boss that I want a leave of absence to go to Poland for next year. I know this is your plan, so I shouldn?t worry, so if anything calm my nerves.

I ask for a few close friends, which I don?t talk to much, to continue to seek your heart, and to know you closer. Thanks.

Thank you for the technology that I can have a great, awesome, wanna get to know you better, and all around great guy of a friend call me all the way from the freakin? south pole (freakin = freaking, as in wild)!!! I love you! (God and my friend).

Thanks for the change, albeit slow in my eyes, it?s happening, and I need to hold on, and stop diving at the temptation. Thanks for letting my share, somewhere, thanks. In Jesus? name AMEN!