Bad days at work.

So I got up late again

And I take the same old highway into work

I go to the meeting where I?m told what needs to be done

I get stuck doing stuff I think someone else could do

I know that I should cheerfully work, but that’s hard to do

When I?m done at that school I go back up the highway

And up the Big Rock road

I enter the high school, and smell the, oh so pleasant, smell of cafeteria food

I take two seconds to hear what wrong for the day

And I book my self to lunch where I try and forget the day

At lunch all they do is complain about the world

They have no hope, no desire, just to try and make it in the world

I pray that they ask me, what makes me tick

So I can tell them of the desire to live for God

I also pray for myself, that I can show the desires of God

After lunch, is when all H, E, double hockey sticks, breaks out

I get dragged in five different directions at once

Computers 5, 7, 9 don’t work in room 123

All the new computers don’t do this and that right

And my email won’t send to who I want, but works fine for the people I don’t want to…

At this point I want to literally

Run through the halls of my high school,

I want to scream at the top of my lungs

So I scream it to my friends online

It?s all good, God takes the rest

I finally leave, get to my other job

Where I finally take a breather for the day

All is good, and good is all

Thank you God, for another good day.